Synergy Salon's


Covid-19 Protocols

Welcome back! We are thrilled to be open again and look forward to welcoming all of our clients back to the Synergy Salon and Day Spa.

Because of Covid-19 we have had to initiate some new procedures to keep both staff and clients safe. The new protocols are as follows:

  1. When you arrive at the front door it will be locked. We will come get you. At that time we will have you sanitize your hands and take your temperature. You must wear a mask for the entire time of service, (we also wear a mask). If you don’t have a mask we will provide one for you.
  2. We can only have ten (10) people in the entire salon at one time which includes us. We are able to work six (6) feet because we have such a large space.
  3. We sanitize all out equipment, stations and tools for each client.
  4. We use one cape per person. So we are not using a cape from a previous client.
  5. There are no magazines to look at because we can’t keep them sterile.
  6. If you use a credit or debit card we ask that you bring your own pen to sign with.
  7. We also clean and sterilize the bathroom after each use.
  8. We have someone in once a week to clean and sanitize the entire salon as well to help keep you and our staff safe.

We hope this answers your questions. We have a many clients in since we re-opened and everyone has felt very safe.